Smart Awards sends certificates upon learner achievements to the centre who registered learners for a specific qualification. If a learner has not received their certificate, please contact the centre directly in the first instance. If the centre has since closed, please email info@smartawards.co.uk

Replacement Certificates

Smart Awards will replace certificates wherever possible. In such cases, there will be a charge for all replacement certificates regardless of the reason for the request. If a learner requires a replacement certificate, please email info@smartawards.co.uk Smart Awards will issue the replacement certificate within 5 days of receiving payment.

Certification check

Smart Awards certificates hold an identification number that is unique to the certificate that has been issued. To verify a certificate please go to:


To validate a certificate, entre all the required information to include learner surname, certificate reference number and the date the certificate was awarded.



If a learner has a complaint about the centre or qualification or would like to appeal against a decision, please contact the centre directly in the first instance.If a learner is unable to resolve the

complaint with the centre then please email info@smartawards.co.uk with nature of the complaint to allow us to investigate further.

Further information can be found in the below policies:

Withdrawal of certification

Smart Awards reserves the right to suspend or withdraw certification upon evidence of a breach of Smart Awards’ policies. Smart Awards may prescribe corrective actions to remedy the breach with a reasonable time limit for implementation, normally one month. Upon receiving written notification of the withdrawal of certification, the learner shall return the certificate to Smart Awards. The learner must cease carrying out work within the scope of the certification that has been withdrawn. Notification of withdrawal will be sent to the Centre and formally withdrawn on Smart Awards database.

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