Customised Qualifications

Why Choose Smart Awards

Our customised accreditation informs employers and learners that you are offering training that is quality assured and meet industry and national standards. We quality assure you as a centre which helps to build your reputation and enhances your client base.

What iscustomised Qualification

Customised Accreditation is a bespoke offer to organisations who do not require a regulated qualification but want to deliver training to industry or nationally recognised standards. We work with all types of organisations, small and large from across industry sectors, to accredit in-house training to meet particular needs.

You will need to become a Smart Awards approved centre, to be able to submit your own, bespoke/ in-house training for us to accredit and certificate.


We are here to provide you with advice and guidance on approving your training so please get in touch so that we can assist you. Call 02476 421125 or email or alternatively use our contact us message facility.

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